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Answer the Question!

Young BoyGood public relations people know how to get their clients ready for interviews. We know our clients’ goals and objectives, and can help them project a favorable image if we prepare them well. But what happens when we don’t? Below is a recent case in point from ‘Face the Nation’ with Bob Schieffer.

I think Schieffer is one the smartest interviewers in the business and I enjoy watching him on ‘Face the Nation’ because he’s totally prepared. His questions are often tough, but almost always fair and based on facts. From a PR point of view, that’s the best you can ask for and you should be able to get any client ready to engage with him pretty easily.

So why do I frequently want to yell at his guests, “Answer the damn question!”

Last Sunday, Schieffer shared my frustration when he wrapped up the show with a commentary about political candidates who don’t answer direct questions. You can see the full segment here, “When politicians don’t answer questions,” but I especially loved this rant: